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atomizing granulating drying machine

atomizing granulating drying machine

the atomizing granulating drying machine is capable of drying and granulating at the same time. the desired size of granule can be created by adjusting pressure, flow, and the size of atomizing hole.

operation consists of a liquefied raw material being pumped in through diaphragm pump, and then atomized into tiny droplets and dried with hot air. most of the powdered material is then collected through the outlet of discharge at the bottom of the atomizing granulating drying machine. the used air and fine powder are collected by a collection device at the bottom of the cyclone. the outlet can also be equipped with two grades of duster. the ratio of recovery achieved is 96-98%.

the tower body, pipes and separator of the atomizing granulating drying machine, which come into contact with the raw material, are made of sus304. there are multiple layers of glass fiber insulation between the inner and outer case of the tower body, which increases the efficiency. the tower body is also equipped with an observation door, lamp-house, control meters, and instruments that control and display on an electric control panel.

technical parameters of the atomizing granulating drying machine
item model pg-y-25 pg-y-50 pg-y-100 pg-y-150 pg-y-200 pg-y-300 pg-y-500 pg-y 1000-2000
evaporated amount(kg/h) 25 50 100 150 200 300 500 the index can be affirmed in accordance with practical conditions.
diaphragm pump power (kw) 0.35 4 7.5 11 15 22 30
pressure (mpa) it can be regulated from 0.6 to 5; in general, it will be from 1 to 3.
heating way electricity electricity steam electricity coal fuel(oil) hot air furnace
diameter of tower body (mm) 1300 1800 2400 2600 2800 3200 3800
total height of equipment (mm) 7800 9200 11600 14000 15300 17100 19000

1.the evaporated amount is related to characteristics of raw material. the evaporated amount listed in the table is related to temperature. this data should be used for reference only.
2. the atomizing pressure and model of pump should be chosen in accordance with the amount of raw material to be treated and the size requirement of the finished product.
3. the power of the fan should be increased if after equipped with cloth bag duster.

features of the atomizing granulating drying machine
1. the drying speed is very fast. the surface area of liquid raw materials after being atomized is greatly increased. 95-98% of the moisture is quickly evaporated. the time of drying is completed in ten seconds or more. the atomizing granulating drying machine is suitable for drying heat sensitive material in particular.
2. the finished product is pelletized with a uniform size. the purity of the finished product is high and of high quality.
3. the scope of application is vast. according to the characteristics of the raw materials, it can use hot air to dry and it can use cool air to granulate. it has great adaptability to raw materials.
4. the atomizing granulating drying machine operation is simple, easy to control, and convenient, and it is possible to achieve automatic operation.
5. the heat source can be steam, electric, or fuel or coal

application of the atomizing granulating drying machine
granulating through dry atomizing

chemical industry: organic catalyst, resin, synthetic washing powder, oils, thiamin, dyestuff, intermediate of dyestuff, white carbon black, graphite, ammonium phosphate, and so on.
foodstuff: amino acids and similar substances, flavoring, protein, starch, dairy products, extractive substance from coffee, fish powder, extractive substance from meat, and so on.
pharmaceutical: chinese patent medicines, agrochemicals, antibiotics, medical drinking dosage, and so on.
ceramics: magnesium oxide, kaoline, all kind of metallic oxide, dolomite, and so on.
granulating through atomizing: all kinds of fertilizer, aluminum oxide, ceramics powder, pharmaceutical, heavy metallic super hardness steel, chemical fertilizer, washing powder, chinese patent medicines, and so on.

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