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pelletizing granulating machine

pelletizing granulating machine

general of applications
in the pelletizing granulating machine, damp granules are fed into the rotating centrifugal disk, where they then fall into a circular rope pattern. through the forces of the air, rotating centrifugal force, and gravity itself, they then become highly rounded pellets.

features of the pelletizing granulating machine
the rotating disk in the pelletizing granulating machine uses a double-speed motor, ensuring a perfect product.
the raw material is treated in an airtight chamber, where there is no dust going in or out.

technical parameter of the pelletizing granulating machine
specification 230 400 500 700 1000
power(kw) 0.75 2.2 3 3.7 5.5
capacity(kg/h) 2.5-4 5-8 8-16 40-80 120-200

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related names
spherical prilling machine | round-shaped pelletizing equipment | sphere granulating facility | globular pellet device

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