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mixing equipment

    1. 喜玩兔:slot mixerthe ch slot mixer is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and foodstuff industries for mixing powdered or wet material, and insuring completely uniform mixing of all materials. there is little clearance between the mixing paddle and slot chamber, so there is no dead angle for mixing. the slot mixer is equipped with a top cover, and the mixing shaft is sealed, in order to avoid any material loss.
    1. 喜玩兔:two dimensional mixerthe eyh series two dimensional mixer mainly consists of a rotating cylinder, swing support, and frame. the rotating cylinder lies on the swing support, supported by four wheels and its axial orientation via two catch wheels. two of the four wheels are driven by the rotating power system to make the cylinder rotate. the two dimensional mixer swing support is driven by a crank swing stem structure which is mounted ...
    1. 喜玩兔:3-dimensional motion mixerthe 3-dimensional motion mixer is a high efficiency mixer, widely used in the pharmaceutical, foodstuff, and chemical industries, for mixing powder/granule materials. it does not use centrifugal action, thus avoids any layering or agglomeration during mixing. it is able to reach a uniform mixing effect, with a mixing rate above 99%. with a high load factor of 80%, while that of normal
    1. 喜玩兔:v model mixerthe v model mixer is used for mixing dry powder/granule material with fluidity.
      it is made up of two asymmetric chambers. the material in chamber can make a vertical and horizontal motion to reach a uniform mixing effect over 99%.
      the v model mixer operation is performed in a totally sealed condition, with no transmission device ...
    1. 喜玩兔:high speed mixerthe zgh high speed mixer is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and foodstuff industries for mixing powdered or damp materials. the high speed mixer ensures efficient, uniform mixing. the equipment pieces that come into contact with raw materials are made of stainless steel. the mixing shaft is sealed to avoid any loss of material, and the bearing and transmission have a lifetime guarantee.

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