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sieving equipment

    1. 喜玩兔:square vibrate sievethe sieve is designed with easy-assemble handles at the upper part to integrate the machine as whole. the upper cover of the square vibrating sieve is totally sealed, in order to avoid dust flying during vibration. meanwhile the vibrating motor installed on the lower part of vibrating sieve uses a spring to reduce vibration, ensuring the square vibrate sieve works at a steady rate. the inclined angle of the sieve surface can be ...
    1. 喜玩兔:circle vibrate sievethe circular vibrating sieve is an ideal machine for the production line, so it is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and foodstuff industries for separating different sized granules with a multilayer screen mesh through the use of vibration.

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screening equipment | sieving facility | sizing device | separating machine

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