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欧洲喷雾枯燥机先容european spraydry

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咱们供给了一个很是普遍的喷雾枯燥器的设想,从500g/hr尝试室模子,多级枯燥体系。 esdt专责在高峻的情势喷嘴雾化喷雾机设想的,但别的,咱们有良多操纵光盘和氛围雾化进程。咱们的喷雾枯燥系列还包罗^的枯燥体系,包罗封锁的回路,喷雾接收器和喷冷水机组模子。







about european spraydry technologies

welcome to european spraydry technologies; the best of british designed powder drying plant and related equipment. we offer a complete package from liquid processing to packaging. custom designed plant to your specific needs and to the standards you require for your system..

modern robust cost effective powder processing plants

we offer the solutions to modern industrial powder production needs whetherit’s within the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industry with products designed for strength, production versatility and flexibility.

all customers are offered economical cost effective solutions regardless of their size or location with direct access to our engineers for advice and backup when it is required for a service second to none. our lineage can be traced back nearly 40 years designing spray dryers and associated plant from pilot scale to multistage production plant.

our story

european spraydry technologies is the only independently owned uk company designing and manufacturing spray drying and associated plant on an industrial scale. located in harlow essex united kingdom the company has full on site test and development facilities for both spray drying and fluid bed product.

in addition to spray dryers, we design, manufacture or supply a wide range of plant including fluid beds, falling film evaporators, cyclones, bag filters, pumps, tanks, silos, scrubbers, coffee agglomeration and extraction plant. we have full in house design capabilities for advanced instrumentation and control system. 

european spraydry technologies is a supplier to the food, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries throughout the world. most plant is custom designed to suit the individual requirements of customers.

the company has a wide range of experience and expertise, bringing together key personnel from the former spray dryer manufacturer spray processes ltd and a newly formed team working within the european water care group. spray processes had a reputation of producing high class, advanced products, a concept continued in the company’s current form. we work in partnership with our customers delivering solutions to their needs. 

european spraydry technologies is represented in various trading blocks around the world through a network of agents and partners including southern and eastern europe, brazil, south africa, australia, pakistan, india, turkey, israel and iran.

we offer a very wide range of spray dryer designs ranging from 500g/hr laboratory models to multi stage drying system. esdt specialises in the tall form nozzle atomisation design of spray dryer but additionally we have many processes utilising disc and air atomisation. our spray dryer range also includes specialist drying system including closed loops, spray absorber and spray chiller models. 

the food and dairy industry is the company’s major market with a customer base incorporating many blue chip companies. in the dairy industry we have plants operating on wpc, mpc protein, whey concentrate, milks (skim, whole and filled), milk substitutes, lactose, permeate, formulated baby foods and cheese. in addition to drying systems we developed with unigate a system for agglomerating and hardening milk granulates to 3mm diameter.      

the company has a wide range of equipment for coffee production including evaporators, extraction pots, dryers and re-wet agglomeration towers.

the chemical industry forms an important part of our business for both spray drying and fluid bed application with plant producing a wide range of products from pesticides to detergents.    

besides drying plant we offer both conventional falling film evaporators in both tvr and mvr variants as well as advanced cyclonic evaporators capable of operating in excess of 56 hours continuous operation in conjunction with our partners acqua australia.  

our engineers have diverse engineering skills having designed several special products including psa plants for boc, land fill gas systems, sulphur scrubbing systems, bio waste fertiliser pellet plants.

european spraydry technologies have the capabilities to supply stand alone plant or deliver full turnkey projects.


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