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扭转真空枯燥criox体系 criox体系,是一个庞大的胜利的专利,italvacuum,是一个多产物 中间体的criox体系是由一个双扭转式真空机/ powderer能够或许完整从湿润的粉末从过滤或离心提取水和其余溶剂。锥腔与变速扭转,无棱温和的线条和尖角。的进程中体系的扭转,这类布局许能够被枯燥的品质和均匀且细致的夹杂的持续反动。 双向圆锥形的扭转室的外形自身不会致使所希冀的成果,若是它不是为两个壮大的破一次性刀片集体系的特有特征,。在腔室的扭转进程中,电动一次性断路器组瓜代地进入和出来的产物,洗濯自身不打仗时。在第一阶段能够的湿块内的品质和在^后枯燥阶段粉末的产物,限定轧机的后续利用尽能够多的块状断路器组突破。对批量产物的端部,这象征着产物筹办好被存储,而对其余的产物,这象征着受控的^终颗粒尺寸散布。 腔室的机器感化和结块的断路器单元许能够增添外表的产物裸露于蒸发是以,停止了在很短的时候和均匀温度远低于在任何其余枯燥器的真空枯燥。^奥妙的热敏感产物的纯度,这是一个上风,由于它防止了它们的降解,并尊敬它们的化学布局。

rotary vacuum dryer criox system the criox system, a great success patent of italvacuum, is a multi product rotary vacuum dryer / powderer able to totally extract water and other solvents from the wet powders coming from filtering or centrifugation. the central body of the criox system is made of a double cone chamber with a variable speed of rotation, characterized by soft lines without edges and sharp corners. during the system rotation, this structure allows the continuous revolution of the mass to be dried and a homogenous and delicate mixing. the bi-conical shape of the rotating chamber by itself could not lead to the desired results if it wasn't for two powerful lump-breaking blade sets that are the peculiar characteristic of the system. during chamber rotation, the electric lump-breaker group goes alternatively in and out of the product, cleaning itself when not in contact. the lump-breaker groups break at a first stage the possible wet blocks inside the mass and during the last drying phase they powder the product, limiting the subsequent use of the mill as much as possible. for bulk products this means an end product ready to be stored, while for the other products this means a controlled final particle size distribution. the mechanical action of the chamber and the lump-breaker units allow to increase the surface of the product exposed to evaporation and therefore to carry out the vacuum drying in a very short time and with a temperature on the average much lower than in any other dryer. this is an advantage for the purity of the most delicate thermo sensitive products, as it avoids their degradation and respects their chemical structure.


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